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Unique comfort, your style

Relax in a bedroom that reflects your unique style with the Arlem Bedhead Cushion. Crafted for both ultimate comfort and distinct elegance - we think you'll love it!

Bedhead cushion
Bedhead cushion
Bedhead cushion
Bedhead cushion
Bedhead cushion

Recharge from your busy life

Between balancing your busy work schedule, getting the kids to school on time or prioritising your social life, your brain and body become run down. Investing in precious solo time is a must for your well-being. Recharge with a bedhead cushion, transforming your bed into your personal sanctuary.

Relax in style

Imagine a cozy spot just for you, perfect for unwinding.

Relax without the clutter of multiple pillows, it's what you need for that peaceful 'me time'.

Relax in style

A reading and TV gamechanger

Once you add a bedhead cushion, movie nights and lazy mornings with a coffee and book become something else.

You'll love the comfort, whether it's cuddling up to your partner or enjoying some alone time.

A reading and TV gamechanger

Find that 'just right' position

The perfect support for both sitting up and laying down.

It's all about comfort that adapts to you!

Find that 'just right' position

Eliminate your bedroom clutter

Say goodbye to your mountain of pillows

Eliminating bedroom clutter can do wonders for your daily stress levels. According to a Stanford Study, less clutter means less stress which is why reducing the number of pillows is the first place to start.

Declutter your space
More space, less mess

Ditch those extra pillows and see how spacious your bed feels with our bedhead cushion. It will make your bedroom look bigger and feel more open.

Save time each morning

Bed making made easy. No more piling and arranging pillows - just wake up and go. It’s a small change that makes a big difference in your routine.

Find your zen

A less cluttered bed means a more peaceful mind. Our bedhead cushion keeps things simple and serene, perfect when you don't feel like cleaning.

Find your perfect cushion

From understated elegance to bold statements, our collection offers something for every taste. Can't decide? No worries, you can easily switch styles with our interchangeable bedhead cushion covers.

100% Linen range

Boucle range

One cushion that ticks all the boxes

The Arlem Bedhead Cushion is designed to adapt throughout your day - whether you're looking for a beautiful bedroom aesthetic or you're looking for a long sleep in.

Showcase Mode

Perfect for creating a sophisticated and inviting bedroom ambiance, the cushion can be adorned with decorative pillows for an elegant look that'll be sure to impress your guests.

Arlem Bedhead Cushion elegantly arranged with decorative pillows.

“Absolutely love, love this bedhead cushion. It's such a unique and clever idea and is way more practical and comfortable than a normal bedhead.”


Australia Handcrafted in South Australia

What makes an Arlem Bedhead Cushion so special?

Each Arlem Bedhead Cushion is handmade. Yep! Handmade right here in South Australia. I'm committed to sustainability. Crafting each cushion with my own hands allows me to use eco-friendly materials and reduce waste, contributing to a more eco-conscious lifestyle.

High-Quality Fabrics
Crafted with premium materials for superior comfort and longevity.
Ethically Sourced
Committed to sustainability with ethically sourced fabrics.
Handmade in South Australia
Each cushion is meticulously handcrafted locally with attention to detail.
Supporting Local
By choosing our cushions, you're supporting local.
Exceptional Craftsmanship
High-quality craftsmanship in every stitch.
Made with love
Every Arlem cushion is made with absolute love and care.
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